Currently, people in some western provinces are preparing for the Summer – Autumn crop in 2022. Their biggest concern is weed prevention.

Weeds have a very high persistence, exist in natural conditions of climate, soil, and harsh organisms. Persistence of strong weeds due to:

  • Producing many seeds, germination rate from 10 to 80%
  • Can produce good seeds in harsh conditions of the environment, harmful insects
  • Asexual reproduction: The underground stem and tuber of the perennial grass can survive for years when it is up to 1m deep in the ground
  • Dispersal: is an important vehicle for the survival of grass, the dispersal of grass seeds in different ecosystems, each species chooses a way to survive.

Grass can be used as animal fodder, green manure, raw materials for handicrafts, an indicator of environmental pollution (e.g. weeds, sedges – alkaline soil), anti-erosion (vertiver grass), and protection of waterworks. The shelter of natural enemies of post-harvest pests.

Besides, weeds also cause many harms: Competition with plants for space, nutrients, light and moisture in the soil reduces crop yield; Affect the quality of agricultural products, human health and livestock; Polluting, obstructing water sources; Some weed species are habitats or hosts for pests and microorganisms that cause plant diseases; Mixing in plant products, in seeds reduces the value of goods; causing difficulties for farming, increasing production costs.


  • Growth cycle: annual grass, perennial grass
  • Morphology: one cotyledon, two cotyledons
  • Plant characteristics: hòa bản , Cyperaceae, broad leaves

Precautionary measures

Weeding can be done by hand, tilling, using suitable water and using chemicals. Currently, the use of chemicals to eliminate weeds is considered the most effective measure because it saves labor, can be used quickly on a large scale and is used at many different times. not laborious, hard as other weeding methods.

  • Exclude pre-germination grass: that means we spray when the grass has not yet sprouted
  • Excluding post-germination grass: when the grass grows 1-7 leaves

People use Stanil 60EC and Chesaco 300EC together to prevent both post-germination and pre-germination with just one spray


  • Prepare the soil carefully: the field needs to be harrowed carefully, the field surface is flat so that the chemicals is evenly distributed and has good contact with the weeds.
  • adjust water: Drain the water, the soil must be moist enough before spraying.
  • After spraying 2-3 days, put water in the field, the soil should be kept well moist within 3 – 5 days after spraying, do not let the face dry, cracked. To ensure that the chemicals has enough time to kill the weeds effectively.
  • Spray as soon as effective (for pre-emergent herbicides).
  • Spray exactly as recommended


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